Poultry Feed Supplies

Whether you have a gaggle of hens roaming your garden or ducks quacking outside your kitchen window, City Livestock can help with keeping them healthy and happy. Chooks can get a little picky, and we know that you just want to keep them fed - which is why we have our very own poultry mix, blended up with a special grain selection that is healthier and more substantial than many other feeds.

We also have a super poultry mix, which makes the chooks go absolutely nuts - in a good way! At City Livestock, we aim to keep your animals in as good nick as possible. Our poultry mixes have an oil base and contain omega oils to keep them clucking away and feeling good. Want to know more about our specialised poultry mixes or discuss what might be best for your fussy hens? Get in touch or drop by today and chat to one of our friendly staff members.

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